Radar Speed Signs

Radar speed signs, radar traffic speed controller, and road traffic monitoring. The "Speedchecker" is used for road safety, traffic slowing, traffic census and speed monitoring. On and by industrial sites, car parks, private roads, caravan parks, schools colleges and even an airport.

The radar speed sign, "Speedchecker" , has the proven ability to influence driver behaviour, reduce speeding and draw attention to local limits.

We offer a range of fixed, tripod mounted mobile, mains, battery and solar powered options, and we can offer a system to suit virtually any speed check situation.

The "Speedchecker" range includes models offering standard speed indication devices to the more sophisticated data collection systems and the traffic counter provides valuable flexible data collection for traffic management applications.
The Speedchecker has been developed by Pandora Signs, the imaginative signs company, known for thinking out of the box. 


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